Company background

nAmbition GmbH was founded in Dresden/Germany in July 2004. nAmbition successfully completed its first financing round in 2005. The initial investors were, JPK Instruments AG, Dresden Fonds GmbH and the Technology Holding Company (tbg).

nAmbition is proud to have completed one of the largest German nano-biotechnology research and development projects on 31.12.2006 in conjunction with the BMBF (Federal Ministry for Education and Research) and the Workgroup Cellular Machines of the Technical University Dresden.

nAmbition was acquired in 2007 by Berlin-based JPK Instruments AG, an applied instrumentation solution company committed to the application of nanotechnology for the life sciences.


nAmbition is staffed by a multi-disciplined team of scientists who are encouraged to exploit novel ideas to answer the market-led needs of the life sciences community. With the active support of JPK's management team providing market knowledge and sales channels, nAmbition is dedicated to develop new applied methods in the field of molecular analytics to deliver results in a more reproducible automated manner pushing the boundaries of how processes may be visualised and quantified.